Mommsen35 - Berlin, Germany

January- March 2020

The exhibition consists of a series of intervened photographs, showing fractions of decorative elements from an Italian palazzo from 1700. The pieces seem to levitate, although they rest like ruins on the terracotta floor of the main hall.

On the other side, there are plaster casted objects molded on the streets of Berlin. These are simple everyday devices with a utilitarian imprint, which have been printed (cast) on clay, then turned into plaster cast and gathered in containers with other materials.

By assembling fragments from objects both found and recreated by the artist, a new imagery is constructed, which talks about contradictions with respect to the new-old or original-copy; past-present-future.

The work alludes to remote times, ancient civilizations, and the archaeological discoveries of the XIX century, but it also confronts us with an uncertain future, and it plays with the idea of a future archaeology, subtly placing us in a future perhaps already past. (or at the wrong time).