My work consists of registering objects or situations, that is, by means of photographs, drawings, and casts, to then classify and arrange only fragments of them. This new body of work dialogues between the trace of the past and the present state, forming a possible monument but a ruin at the same time.


Born in Santiago, Chile / Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

2020               Group Exhibition, TRANSATLANTICO, Palazzo Monti

                       MANA Contemporary. Jersey City, U.S.A

2020               Group Exhibition, Distant Sociologies, Chilean Conexión

                       Lite-Haus Galerie. Berlin, Germany

2020               Solo Exhibition, Hey! you have just ruined everything

                       Mommsen35. Berlin, Germany

2019               Exhibition, REMOTE CONTROL. Gemeinde Köln at Ebertplatz.

                       Cologne, Germany


2018               Group Exhibition, In-Co-Operation, Curator: Ulrike Riebel

                       Abteilung für alles Andere. Berlin, Germany


2018               Residency, Palazzo Monti. Brescia, Italy


2017               Workshop Transformation & Identtity, Trauma & Reconciliation

                       Sylt Foundation. Sylt Island, Germany


2017               Group Exhibition, One On One/Nachspiel, Curator: Keumhwa Kim

                       Koreanischen Kultur Zentrum, Gallery damdam. Berlin, Germany


2017               Residency, Institut Für Alles Mögliche. Berlin, Germany


2015               ART.STGO contemporary art fair. Stgo. Chile


2013               Group Show, Workshop, Curator: Eugenio Dittborn.

                       D21 Gallery. Stgo. Chile                      


2012               Workshop "Work Analysis and Criticism", Eugenio Dittborn. Stgo. Chile


2009-2016      Founder architect,  UNarquitectura,


2006               BA Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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